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Perfume Party 2023

Perfume Party in Colorado Round 2!

When I go home to Colorado for Christmas, I like to show people a bit of what I do in Paris and educate on smell, perfume, and how to buy a perfume that's right for you. I introduce a few brands, we chat, and do speed consultations. All while enjoying a European style apéro night where I cook a few French dishes and we enjoy some Aperol Spritz and some wines!

This year I presented a charity called Fifth Sense and spread awareness about those affected by smell and taste disorders. Those in attendance had the chance to donate to the charity and learned about how to stay safe if they lose their sense of smell with the resources provided by the charity.

The showcased brands this year included: Bienaimé, Le Jardin Retrouvé, My Exclusive Collection, and Parle Moi de Parfum. Everyone had a chance to smell samples provided by the brands and try the ones they liked on their skin. This is a moment where I taught them "how to smell" to analyse if it "worked" on their skin. Did it turn sour? Did it turn smokey? Did it disappear after 10 minutes? If so, I help them find something with a similar scent profile that matches their taste, but will still interact well with their skin.

Hoping to integrate these parties more than once a year and around Paris. It is so fun to show everyone the brands and watch how excited they get when they smell something they like :)


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