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Madeline Bobo

The Bobo Behind the Attitude

What does "Bobo" mean anyway? 

Champagne socialist? bourgeois-bohemian? The French use this word in many ways - sometimes as an insult, a compliment, or a general descriptor. I felt I fit the term perfectly... and it was meant to be, so I reclaimed it as my own. I'm Madeline Bobo and Bienvenue to The Bobo Attitude.


I am an American living in Paris! I moved here 3 years ago to obtain my MBA in Art and Luxury Brand Management and completed my thesis in niche perfume studies. My undergrad is a BA in Art and Design, minoring in Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality, and a thesis in Dark Tourism. 

Perfume Story

The stories behind the brands alongside the artistry that goes into the creation of niche perfumes fascinated me. 

After experimenting with multiple fragrances on my skin as well as some of my acquaintances, I witnessed how differently perfumes "sit" on everyone's skin. This is why I do what I do - to help people discover what niche perfumes are while helping them purchase a unique product.

After working with a niche perfume brand for the past year and taking clients on this tour, I have advised many of those visiting Paris to find a signature scent and take home a special gift that will always recall their memories here!

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