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Satisfied Customers - Perfume Tours
Congrats on Finding Your Signature Scent


"This was 1000% worth it. I have never been able to figure out perfume until now, thanks to Madeline! I have always wanted to be a woman who wears perfume regularly but it’s been a constant challenge. Either I like the scent in store and hate it when I get home, or I am repulsed by many popular fragrances. Also, I may like how a fragrance smells on me, then it disappears.

My partner and I did this together and have very different tastes in fragrance, so we wanted to be sure we didn’t get anything the other couldn’t stand. Madeline took the time to understand what we liked and collated our reactions as we progressed, helping us land the PERFECT fragrances that we absolutely love on ourselves AND each other, which is no small feat!

We learned so many things about identifying and selecting a perfume. Madeline’s process removes the inevitable overwhelm if we’d tried to figure this out ourselves. 10/10 Highly Recommend!"

Mikaela | Trinidad

"Amazing experience! Thank you Madeline. It was really interesting to learn about niche perfumes."

Lucie | Mulhouse, France

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