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Esxence 2024 - Metamorphosis Recap

Back in Milan for my second Esxence! This time representing myself and The Bobo Attitude. It was such a large expo this year and there were so many more brands to meet. In this post, I am going to mention a few brands that really caught my attention :) I had the chance to attend some workshops, learn about trends in the industry, and learn how to educate people about perfume with an entertaining approach. I really enjoy the learning aspect of the expo alongside hearing all the unique stories each brand has come up with to create their collection.

I met an influencer last year named @olfactive_voyage and this year we tagged along together for a few of the days and introduced each other to the brands we each have a bond with. We had very different tastes, but it was interesting to be pushed outside of my French zone and smell from brands I may not of noticed before. She introduced me to the owner of Gini Parfum, Francesco, and we were able to hear the personal stories he had attached to each fragrance that he created on his own, while smelling his latest release: Paloma y Raíces.

There were several new fragrance launches during this period of brands that are already up and coming in the niche world and I had the opportunity to have a "first - smell" at this additions. Including Pelagos Eau de Parfum by Parfums DUSITA, Violette Kew Eau de Parfum by Le Jardin Retrouvé and Angel Dust - Extrait by Fugazzi.

Now for some highlights:

I learned about Sarah in art school and was so excited to meet her in person. She has directed some very interesting and complicated scents that truly develop and tell a story at the same time. One that always shocks me is the Atlante - with notes of yuzu, seaweed, iris, lily of the valley, pink pepper, wet rock, and seashells - absolutely transporting you to the beachfront.

At the expo, she released her new fragrance, Peach's Revenge, a very sweet and almost yogurt-like creamy peach scent.

Its incredible how fast this brand is growing. Bringing a sexy edge back into perfumery, and creating a 'club' atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of. Last year, their booth was designed as an airplane, and this year, the theme was a swimming pool (as though we landed at our destination and are on holiday now). So, welcome to the Fugazzi pool! Still loving the Angel Dust and was lucky enough to try the new launch of the extrait version - released at the expo.

A brand dedicated to the Murano bears in the Abruzzo region in Italy. I adored this brand and how it transported me home to Colorado and back into nature. Everything smelt like I was in the forest playing in the wildflowers and taking in the view. Perfect for everyone in Colorado - the founder's favorite travel spot! Can't wait to share this brand with my family when I visit this year.

Such a fun and innovative brand with their packaging designed to imitate a vintage camera. Even with the tops of the bottles mirroring the lens of a camera. Created by three young girls from South Korea inspired by all the moments and memories we create in our daily lives - captured through scent.

One of Francesco's creations, Dancing on My Own, really transported me to a book I was reading just before I had left for Milan. A Touch of Darkness is a reinterpretation of a modern - day meeting of the story between Persephone and Hades. And there is a moment in the story where Persephone describes the scent of Hades as falling ash mixed with roses and a hint of whisky. For me, this perfume by Gini was so alluring with a promiscuous undertone that it brought me right back to this scene. Incredible.

Until next year!


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