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A Weekend in Provence

October in the South of France. I headed to Aix-en-Provence for the weekend with a very special group of people. I was invited to work for the weekend with my boss Ajiri, from Madame de la Maison for the "Good Life Retreat." A weekend full of amazing French foods, new friends, and antiquing.

Most of my time was spent in a little village called Gordes. For this post, I wanted to showcase the landscapes and focus on the beauty of the light and peaceful living I experienced.

I had never been to Provence, but had always dreamt of its beauty. My boss had always talked about it and how lovely it is during the fall. I was recommended to read Peter Mayle's book, A Year In Provence, to get me into a countryside mindset for my visit. He talks about moving to Provence and some of the cultural shocks that happen when renovating a home in France and many other amusing struggles and triumphs conquered over a span of a year. He mentions the big blue skies - something I am always longing for while spending my days in the city center of Paris.

Some of my favorite moments captured in the early mornings (where I was so excited to see the sun rise I ran out in my bare feet in the cold and climbed on top of the ledge for the best view!)

A few of us woke up with the sun and enjoyed a coffee on the terrace together in our pajamas and watched the sun rise about the fog and the land slowly peak out.

Some Highlights and Thoughts:

- Met some new friends

- Experienced a new place

- Amazing French food (butternut squash soup in the Fall)

- Market day (Sundays) in Gordes from 10am

- Learned to live slowly and enjoy the little moments

- Tried some new flavors (veal for the first time, rosemary jelly, and sheep's milk ice cream!)

- Always have baguette in the kitchen


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