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Perfume Spotlight: Note del Chianti

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

A hidden gem in Siena, Italy

Go home with a memory of Tuscany with this perfume brand who create fragrances with notes of Chianti wine.

After visiting the sights in Siena and eating the most incredible food, I walked past this perfumery just before leaving the city.

This is the only place I have bought a perfume so immediately.

Anima Libera - Eau de Parfum

As soon as you walk into the store, you seen wine glasses everywhere. As part of the buying experience, al the scent strips are placed in a wine glass and swirled around before you smell. Similar to a wine tasting.


"The eau de parfum of Note del Chianti's workshop are known for their intense and long-lasting fragrance, a way to love each other day by day. The best eau de parfum are carefully selected and packed in engraved and painted bottles, divided into eau de parfum for men, eau de parfum for women and one de parfum unisex."

I ended up leaving with Anima Libera - Eau de Parfum, which is actually sold as a Men's fragrance, but I appreciated the darker rich notes inside it and got it for myself anyway! This is a bit of an exclusive and smaller brand, which makes it even better! So unique and long lasting, truly like no other perfume I've had before. Brings me right back to my trip to Tuscany every time I wear it.

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