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First Exhibition in Paris - "The Art of Letting Go"

This past weekend was a big one for me - it was the opening of an exhibition where I was showcased alongside seven other artists. The first time my art is being showcased internationally - here in Paris. Three pieces are on display at the Kwadro Pintura Galerie in Paris 75015, including "Matt's Fish," "Blue Period," and "Study #2."

The event was organized by The Breaking Silence Movement, founded by Kyra Luthi, "a private, non-profit organization that fights gender-based violence through our 4 core strategies; and empowers survivors for reintegration into society through professional and career development."

The Kwadro Pintura Galerie is the first Filipino art gallery in Paris. Showcasing contemporary artists from the Philippines as well as other international artists. Here, I met some amazing people; the gallery welcomed me as a family member and it has been a pleasure to work with all of them.

The vernissage took place this weekend for "The Art of Letting Go" exhibition which featured works by Cris Adajar, Dhon De la Paz, Marie Expert, Eric Dimarucut, Julia Syn, Madeline Bobo, and Louis Felix. There was also a special performance by Janine Teñoso, singer-songwriter who paid a special visit from the Philippines. She performed her hit song "The Art of Letting Go" - the song that inspired the name and concept of the exhibition.

"My work tells a story from my personal narrative in various forms while encouraging others to take a moment to reflect on their own lives and moments of their past – everything is rooted in memories. One of the main missions of The Breaking Silence Movement is to empower those affected by gender-based violence. My work encourages those who have been affected to take a moment to recall positive memories of their past and get lost in the color blocks within the pieces."

The event had such an amazing turnout and I am so thankful to have met everyone involved in this exhibition. Alongside Kyra (the organizer of the event) I presented my artist statement and walked several visitors through the Galerie to talk about my featured pieces. I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by a news channel in the Philipines doing a feature on the exhibition.


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